From trash to treasure…

“Ooh! OOH! Turds rolling on me, turds rolling ON ME!” I yelp.

I’m helping my boyfriend move a large box across his garage and judging by the sprinkle of mouse droppings I’ve spotted on top it’s the first time it’s been budged in years. I notice he’s trying to keep from laughing at me, but since he’s picked up the pace I’m too grateful to care. I just want to put this thing down before a little black pinhead of nasty actually rolls against my hand.

It’s spring! And a biker’s idea of spring cleaning is making room in the garage, basement, or shed by unearthing no longer needed motorcycle parts and heading to a swap meet. It’s time to clear out work space and score some cash or parts that will be of use in the next project.

As the boyfriend hopes to do just that, we’re headed to Pennsylvania’s Harrisburg Super Swap Meet at the Farm Show Complex.dsc03602 Vendors are allowed inside 2 hours before the doors open to the early birds. Once everything is unloaded and he’s setting up, I decide to check out the other tables. I’m watching for a seat I need for my Sportster. After 10 years the one on the bike is starting to split at the seams, better that one than mine! Still, maybe someone will be here with some jeans as you can never have too many pairs. I’m also happy to see a local Harley dealer is there with specials on winter clothes. It might be spring according to the calendar, but there will apparently be time to wear them before stashing for the summer. Snow and cold temps are predicted for the upcoming week!

It’s my first time at this particular event, dsc03593and from what I can tell you can find everything from a helmet sticker to an entire motorcycle up for sale. Once the doors open to the public, crowds of people filter through to browse and negotiate. Some folks chat, telling stories about rides they’ve been on, what they’ve done to their bike, what they want to do to their bike, upcoming trips, and how much warmer weather would be appreciated. Others wind through the entries in the bike show, taking in every detail and having their questions answered by the owners.

Once the day is over and we’re headed home, we find a place on Route 15 with cold beer and hot burgers. My spirit has received a lift after a fairly brutal winter during which my riding time was cut down more than usual. It’s comforting to spend a day surrounded by others who also love the rides, the memories, the machines. The collective excitement over the start of a new season is contagious. The adventures we’ve dreamed up over the last several months are more within reach, closer to happening. It’s going to be an awesome year!