Parked Motorcycle Syndrome

It’s real, and thankfully it’s been somewhat alleviated at the moment.

After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, a nasty head/chest cold, and more seasonal temps for winter- it had been a few weeks since I’d been on a bike. This weekend brought a surprisingly mild 50 degree day skiesand although the skies were blue mostly due to a wild looking cloud cover, it was time to get out for a ride to shake off some of this form of PMS.

Even though the day was warmer than usual for January, it was gusty so I headed out with a heated jacket liner on under my leather and a plan to stick to smaller backroads through the woods that would be more protected from the wind.

Apparently the plan worked really well, as I was several miles out before I realized I wasn’t quite as warm as I could be. OOPS! 0116161423This is the second time the toggle switch for my heated gear has slipped between the tank and my thigh where it’s squished to the off position without my knowing. Happily it’s a quick fix but if I’m going to continue to cheat Mother Nature and extend riding time when it’s cold by using the liner, I’ve got to figure out some solution to rig that up and out of the way!

Of course the sense of euphoria that comes over you as you get going if you haven’t ridden in a while is quite warming also! It’s what causes a satisfied sigh seconds after you’ve reached top gear. Since you don’t meet as many other riders on the road, it’s also what can make you go from a casual nod of the head to acknowledge each other to throwing an arm out in a wave that resembles a goody-goody school kid begging the teacher to call on them too!

And it’s what eases some of the symptoms of Parked Motorcycle Syndrome, for maybe a few days anyway.