A friend of a different sort…

Asked what chore I find the most challenging to do I’d have to say all of them! To me, a chore is a mundane task that must be done but isn’t exactly fun. Usually, the most challenging part of completing a chore is in summoning up the motivation to start it! But the question reminds me of a friend whose company I was lucky enough to be able to enjoy about 20 years ago.

I had an Australian Shepherd/Chocolate Lab mix named Strutter and we walked in a nearby public park each morning before I went to work. If you have a dog you take out for walks, you know you meet a lot of people depending on how friendly or curious your pup is about investigating new humans and/or other dogs. Once Strutter decided to befriend Molly, a Black Lab that was often out walking the same trail at the same time we were, I was blessed to meet her owner, George.

George was in his early 80s and quite a character. Any time we ran into each other, we’d stroll along chatting while the dogs played and socialized. I loved his stories, wit, and perspective. One morning as we shared our plans for the rest of the day, I whined that I had to do laundry. George asked why I dreaded that, as he considered it one of the easiest of household chores to accomplish.

He pointed out, “You just put the clothes in the washer then when they’re done put them in the dryer and that’s it!”

“Yeah, but it’s having to sort everything; whites, darks, colors, it’s a pain”, I replied.

“Sort?!” His blue eyes sparkled when he exclaimed, “I gave that up 30 years ago!”

I laughed along with his infectious chuckle at that response and still smile when I think of George. And now I realize I’m around the age he said he gave up the annoying aspect of sorting laundry. Do I dare? If you see me wearing a pink sweatshirt that obviously was originally grey, you’ll know I decided the answer is yes!


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