I see the divine in you…and your claws in me!

Day one of my pre-Thanksgiving staycation. Not only am I allowing myself the luxury of plenty of time to prepare for the holiday, I intend to pamper myself quite a bit. sunrise

As planned, this morning started with some much needed yoga. I love doing sun salutations while actually watching the sun come up, and wonder if I get bonus one-with-nature points considering the extra moves I must throw in because the cat wants to get in the act. 1120150649d

Luckily the routine today didn’t involve any poses where I’m on my back since he sees that as a prime opportunity to pull my hair. Instead I listened to his indignant squawks as he dodged out from under my belly each time I dropped from a plank to transition into upward dog, and tried to ignore his pant leg tugging during warrior one and two.

Eventually he does get bored with teasing me, and moves on to the window to see what the rising sun reveals and I can focus on my breathing and welcome the yummy combo of an energy boost and relaxed body.

Until I slosh a quarter cup of fresh coffee down my leg. Namaste, on with the day…

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