It’s beginning to look a lot like…I forgot!

I remember it was a cold December day, but somewhat sunny and the roads were clear. Overall, that meant a good chance for me to get out for a ride and to take care of some errands.

I remember bouncing into the store, jacket fringe flapping, feeling elated from getting a little time in the wind and looking forward to Christmas.

I remember checking items off my shopping list, and noticing a sale on wrapping paper. Although I usually stick with gift bags, I decided I should probably pick some of it up in case I needed it.

I remember as I paid the cashier I glanced out the window and muttered, “Oh. CRAP!”

I forgot I was on the bike. In that short amount of time, even with all the extra layers and leather I was wearing, it’d slipped my mind that I had limited cargo space.15493302_10207375284649914_4594185885733418080_o

“What’s the matter?” the clerk asked.

I told her nothing was wrong as I eyed the long pack of gift wrap and looked back out at the bike, already mentally digging through the saddle bags searching for the bungee cords I hoped were still there.

I remember how lucky I felt that I’d impulsively picked up some paper, and not the Christmas tree!

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