Shiny things!

I missed Christmas lights more and more as January passed by and everyone’s holiday decorations were gradually taken down and stored away. But at the end of the month some other fun, shiny things could be found at the Howard County Fairgrounds Motorcycle Swap Meet.

Held a few times each year, the winter version seems to be a good one to make.img_20170129_131326541 If you’re looking for parts, you might find that what you need has been shed from someone else’s ride over the past few months of wrenching, and it’s turned up here. Plus since it’s usually freezing, you’re likely to have ridden in a vehicle big enough to carry all your finds home without having to figure out how to strap tons of bulk on your bike.

A lot of riders apparently had these notions and more in mind, and this event on their calendar. When we first arrived the door had been open for an hour, but there was still line of about a hundred people waiting to get into the building.

Choosing to wait someplace warm instead of outside, we wound up in one of the neighboring towns at a sports bar where we discovered a Bloody Mary that rivals most others and a tasty lunch. When we got back to the fairgrounds a couple hours later, we found a much lighter crowd… and did I mention shiny things?

Vendors had tables full of painted, polished, and chromed parts to go through- not to mention plenty of jewelry where I could pick out a birthday gift for myself. Another reason I admit I like the timing of this Meet!

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