Happy New Year! I rang in 2023 with family and as we all speculated on what the future might bring, we also shared many memories of times past. We entertained my 14-year-old niece with funny stories from her toddler days. That included a video my brother shot of her at his desk with a pad and pencil trying to write. As she seemed to mimic her dad at work, he teased her by “just happening” to suddenly rearrange items in her space and place obstacles in her way. She ignored him at first but as her attempts to continue her composition were blocked, she became frustrated at his interference and yelled, “No Daddy, need WRITE!”

A few days before this recollection, I’d decided to participate in the WordPress Bloganuary Challenge to motivate me to spend more time writing. After all, I haven’t posted to my blog in almost two years! And so, when the first prompt questioned what I’d like to achieve this year, I found it timely that I’d been reminiscing on my preschooler niece’s declaration that she need WRITE!

I do too.

This year for my goal, resolution, or whatever you want to call it, I’ll strive to accomplish more writing. It’s been taking a backseat to other obligations, so actively scheduling time to write and giving it higher priority is an achievement I hope to reach.


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