To brave or not to brave…

As part of the Bloganuary Challenge, the question has been asked, “How are you brave?”

It’s a thought-provoking inquiry, especially when comparing textbook definitions of the word brave to my own perception of its meaning. Any mention of bravery is typically associated with the heroic actions of an individual who defies fear and danger, one who takes risks to win some sort of challenge.

I’ve noticed that given the types of hobbies I enjoy, one person might call me brave while another is  calling me crazy. To each their own, I’ve reciprocated the same thought about other people regarding their pastimes. In these references, there is usually a physical activity involved. For example, some call me crazy for riding a motorcycle. I think rock climbing is crazy and yes, still consider those who choose to participate as brave.

Personally, I would describe bravery as venturing out of one’s comfort zone, especially to provide assistance. And helping oneself counts as much as that of aid given to other people as far as I’m concerned. Quieter tasks such as applying for a better job, taking a class you’re interested in but intimidated by, or just going out to dinner by yourself could all be thought of as brave.

After some of the hardships everyone has persevered through since covid became a part of our reality, I hope everyone recognizes the bravery inside themselves. Credit yourself for the courage it takes to keep going and rock on with your brave self!


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